Our suppliers

AB Vista


AB Vista is an international leading supplier of food ingredients. The company employs over 100 people worldwide and currently sells to over 50 countries. AB Vista is AB Agri animal food ingredients division, the agricultural industry of Associated British Foods (ABF) Ltd. Their micro-ingredients for food are among the most advanced in the world and they are sold on five continents.

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Phibro Animal Health

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Phibro Animal Health Corporation is a global provider of ingredients with proven efficacy and technologies, based on the science of animal feed industry. Their products are specialized in animal food, including dairy, pigs, poultry and beef. As a global supplier of advanced nutritional solutions, including food ingredients and specialty products, they are serving clients such as feed mills and distributors.

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Chr. Hansen


With offices in thirty countries, Chr. Hansen is a global company founded in 1874 by a pharmacist named Christian D.A. Hansen. This company specializes in biotechnology and distribution of natural ingredients for the dairy food industries, health and human and animal nutrition.

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Celtic Sea Minerals


Celtic Sea Minerals specializes in the development, manufacturing and marketing of foods and natural health products for animals, as well as natural fertilizer products based on calcareous marine algae. These are harvested under government licenses in reserves located off the coast of Ireland and Iceland.

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Cra-Vac Industries Inc.

Cra-Vac Industries 

Cra-Vac Industries has been pioneering the advancement of quality ingredients since 1985. This company has many years of experience in the business of feed manufacturing, allowing them to help producers in the selecting the most cost-effective binders for their needs.  Cra-Vac Industries works closely with producers to assist them in the mill and optimize their manufacturing processes.

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Natu'oil mission is to be the leading supplier of oils and fats for all industries, using a simple logistic and products of the highest quality. Their team of technical and business experts works tirelessly to offer ever higher value products, with a promise to provide the highest quality service on the market.

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BioZyme Inc.


BioZyme® Incorporated is an innovative company in the field of livestock nutrition and animal microbiology. Their commitment to their fields of expertise results in exclusive products, such as AMAFERM® in order to bring greater profits for customers. Furthermore, AMAFERM® is a natural food additive that provide better digestibility, leading to maximize the energy value of food.

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Jones-Hamilton Co.


Jones-Hamilton Co. was founded in 1951 by J. Kern Hamilton and James H. Black, in order to build a company dedicated to a long-term relationship with their customers. By selling their products internationally, they allow consumers and agricultural customers use in areas such as water treatment, production of animal feed and poultry production. You can rely on Jones-Hamilton Co. for delivery and support of high quality chemicals in due course.

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International Stock Food


By selecting International Stock Food, you are going to experience highly specialized formulas. Mixing the formulas of the past combined with additional new nutritional ingredients available today, offer nutritional options for owners and producers, that only years of experience can provide for livestock.

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STERIS was founded in 1987. The company remains at the forefront in order to prevent infections and contamination in medical services and pharmaceutical environment. STERIS  expanded its horizons in research on agriculture, consumption and the health of the industry.

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West Penetone


World leader in environmentally development of cleaning and sanitation, West Penetone won the trust of many industries through its innovative chemical technologies and leading-edge expertise. The company is known for its ability to solve practical problems in a variety of situations and contexts. In a perpetual changing world, West Penetone constantly renewing itself to meet the new needs of all emerging markets.

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Champion Alstoe Inc.


Champion Alstoe - Animal Health is a Canadian distributor of premium veterinary medicines. Many of their products are leaders in the animal market, including Gleptosil, Canadian favorite injectable iron. Studies also have shown that this product increases the weight of the piglet, in addition to reducing the mortality rate, leading to better profitability for producers.

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